One Day visiting Museum in Baden-Baden

I was yesterday visiting your exhibition “the Substance of Light” from  James Turrell and  enjoy the exhibition, I felt really good there. I must say I have followed James Turrell ‘s works very well  for the his art of letting us feel and perceive the light.

I would also like to share with you that I had some difficulty to admire his holograms. Of course I am on this question very demanding.

Wenn man eine Ecke ausleuchten will…

stellt man plötzlich fest, wir stehen alle in einer Ecke.


James Turrell is an artist exploring the substance of light. How the light transformed our environment colored it, create these incredible variations that we believe attached to matter. I will never forget the words of the astronaut Jim Irwin, telling me how wonderful is the earth for its incredible light colors.

In our time light appears in many different media, like holography also investigated here by Turrell. Fidel to his way of seeing light through a slot, any free space, creating new dimensions, Turrell shows it in these 4 holograms, with each one a deep vibrant frequency of light.

James Turrell
James Turrell


The Architektur vom Museum Frieder Burda ist ebenfalls sehenswert.



Im Anschluss der Ausstellung im Museum Frieder Burda sind wir noch in die Staatliche Kunsthalle zur Schau »Human Landscapes« hinüber gegangen.


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