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Odile Meulien Öhlmann


Born in 1957 in France, Odile is a French American sociologist, who got her diploma with honour at the University René Descartes in Paris.

She collaborated on several projects on Art and Science with René Huyghes, an Art Historian, President of the French Museums, and Member of the French Academy, as well as Laurent Bussaut, a cineaste.

In 1982, she co-created the Art, Science and Technology Institute, ASTI and its Museum of Holography in Washington, DC.

During the 10 year she managed it, she met the pioneers of the holographic community.


Odile Meulien
Kurator, sociologist

Dietmar Öhlmann
Kunst und Lichtgestaltung


Dietmar Öhlmann


Born in 1961 in Niedersachsen, Dietmar is an artist and Media Designer, who study physics in Germany and passed his Master of Art at the Royal College of Art in London.

He always dream to paint with light, after the school of art in Chester and the Polytechnique in Liverpool where he got his degree with Honour, a grant to study holography give him the possibility to explore the creative aspect of this media of Light.

There, he met and exchange with a variety of international artists, inspiring each other.

Winner of several awards like the ”Mercantile competitions” of the Ile of Man, he got many exhibitions in England, America and Europe and wrote several papers.



Odile und Dietmar


At the beginning of the 90ies, they joined their forces and from their Braunschweig base.

Since 2009, the wonderful nature of the Ortenau region, where Odile and Dietmar moved, inspired them new creations and new educational programs far from high tech, going back to their life search about “when the mind touches an object”.


List of Exhibitions

2018 - 2020


“Le tilleul” Bibliothèque de Lipsheim

The paintings, sculptures, holograms and non Holograms of Dietmar Öhlmann are brought together for the first time side by side in a single exhibition. Here, the works, in all their forms, make us penetrate this other universe of the visible, open our minds, let us experience new perceptions and invite to creation

2016 - 2018

2005 -2010

2000 - 2005

1995 - 2000

1990 - 1995

1980 - 1990 Washington DC

1980 - 1990 Braunschweig bis Liverpool


Dietmar und Odile


The holographic team